The Route

The parade will be led by a vintage char-a-banc coach supplied by Jersey Bus and Coach Tours. On board will be our guests of honour.

If you have mobility issues and would like to join in the Pride parade but cannot walk the route, please email us to reserve a seat on the coach.

Don't forget to bring your Bluetooth speakers with you to stream Pride radio and give the parade a loud and happy vibe.

The coach and walkers will leave West's Centre, parade down Beresford Street and turn left into Halkett Place. At the junction with King Street, the walkers split from the coach. The walkers turn right to parade down the precinct. The coach will go up to Hill Street and wait at the junction of Sand Street.

The walkers will parade down King Street to Charing Cross, then past Sand Street car park and left onto Commercial Street where a 50m long rainbow flag will create a rainbow river down the road. Then cross Conway Street and onto Wharf Street.

The parade will then continue, led by the coach, into Weighbridge Square, where there will be music, entertainment and various market stalls.