Our official Pride merchandise retailers are Magic Touch. They will have all Pride merchandise, flags and t-shirts for sale running up to the parade.

Pride merchandise will also be available at various stalls on the day, and at the OSA Pop-up Shop in Smith Street from Tuesday 28th August – Saturday 1st September.


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The full list of available CI Pride Merchandise with pictures is:

Wristbands: £1.00

There are no wristbands this year. But you can still wear your pride all year round with our rainbow coloured wristbands from Pride 2017 available from Magic Touch.

Photo 22-08-2018, 16 41 30.jpg
Photo 22-08-2018, 16 42 07.jpg

Mugs: £8.00

Be proud whilst you drink your coffee or tea with our delightful Pride mug.

Photo 22-08-2018, 16 44 31.jpg

Badges: £1.00

Pin your pride on your chest, sleeve, bag, hat - anywhere really!

Branded for 2017 with the dual logo and #IDo


Keyring: £3.50

There are keyrings left from last year. Make your keys proud.

Photo 22-08-2018, 16 44 16.jpg

Bottle Openers / Fridge Magents: £2.50

Put one of these next to that lovely cat magnet, and show your kitchen you're proud.

Open your pop with pride, these are also magnetised and will stick to your fridge.

Photo 22-08-2018, 16 43 52.jpg

Handbag Mirror: £2.00

Be proud whilst you check your gorgeous self!

Photo 22-08-2018, 16 40 00.jpg

Coasters (Round/Square): £3.00 each or £5.00 for two

A fab addition to go with your Pride mug, whilst ensuring you still have a surface to be proud of.  


Pride Pens: £2.50

Write with pride, and keep with you all year.

Photo 22-08-2018, 16 38 16.jpg
Photo 22-08-2018, 16 38 16.jpg

Cotton Bags: £5.00

Available in proud white.

Photo 22-08-2018, 16 45 57.jpg

T-Shirts: £15.00

Available in any rainbow colour you choose.

Sizes from Small to XXL for Adults.

There is also a Ladies fitted version and Kids sizes.

And now also available in a comfort fit fabric.


Car Stickers / Window Clings: £1.50 - 2.50

Available in small and large sizes.

Stick them everywhere - on your window, car windscreen, and anywhere else you can think of.


Doggie Bandanas: £5.00

Now your pooch can be proud in style with his/her very own doggie bandana. 

Doesn't he look fabulous darling!



Rainbow flags (various sizes):

  • 4″ x 6″ LGBTQ handflag (with stick): £1.50 each
  • 3ft x 2ft LGBTQ flag (two eyelets): £3.00 each
  • 3ft x 5ft LGBTQ flag (two eyelets:) £6.00 each

Also available with a Happy Smiley Face.

Rainbow Bunting: if you want to decorate your office or home this is the perfect accessory to do it

  • 3 meters: £6.00
  • 9 meters: 15.00
  • 18025 meters: £25.00

Selection of other flags (3ft x 5ft): £6.00 each

  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender
  • Pansexual
  • Genderqueer
  • Love, Peace & Happiness

Special Items: made to order

  • Embroidered Pride Bear Mascot: £24.95
  • Embroidered Pride Unicorn Mascot: £24.95
  • Embroidered Pride Crapeau Mascot: £24.95
  • Umbrellas: £12.95
  • CI Pride Logo Flags: £45.00

Also available:

  • Pillows
  • Doggie T-Shirts
  • Proud Ally T-Shirts
  • Flag Holders
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