Jersey and Guernsey are safe and friendly places for LGBTQ travellers. Same-sex couples will find that they can walk down the main shopping streets or on the beach hand-in-hand without getting a second glance. 

The Islands hotels, restaurants and bars will welcome you and are quite used to serving LGBTQ customers.

For a list of LGBTQ-friendly venues click here.

In Jersey, the Island has not had a gay nightspot since its last one closed over a decade ago. On the up side, this means that the Island's LGBTQ community is completely integrated and that, if you are looking for a night out, you can choose from all that Jersey has to offer without worrying that you will be made to feel unwelcome. On the down side, it can also mean the LGBTQ community are invisible and hard to find. This is something we are trying to change.

Although a laid back tolerance is the overwhelming attitude here, both Guernsey and Jersey have a strong religious heritage that means it can be surprisingly conservative. For many years, Methodism was the prevailing religion and the Islands still have a much larger number of Methodist churches per head of population than you would find in the UK. These days Catholicism is the predominant religion as a result of the growth of the Portuguese and Polish communities.

If you decide to indulge in overtly sexual behaviour in public expect to get some comments, tutting or hard stares until you stop. But be reassured this isn't because you are a same-sex couple, you would get the same treatment if you were a straight couple engaging in this sort of behaviour.

As with places in the UK, if you leave the main towns of St. Helier or St. Peter Port and venture into the country parishes, you may encounter some older members of the population who are not as well-versed in the correct terminology. Mostly, they will mean well so allow them some latitude if they don't use quite the right words.

Should the worst happen and you find yourself faced with homophobic or transphobic abuse, the States of Jersey Police or States of Guernsey Police will take your complaint seriously. You can find out more about reporting an incident on our Staying Safe page.