Our official Pride merchandise retailers are Magic Touch. They will have all Pride merchandise, flags and t-shirts for sale running up to the parade.

The full list of available CI Pride Merchandise is:

Wristbands: £1.00

Wear your pride ahead of the day with our rainbow coloured wristbands branded for Pride 2016 #unitedthroughpride available from Magic Touch.


Mugs: £5.00

Be proud whilst you drink your coffee or tea with our delightful Pride mug.


Badges: £0.50

Pin your pride, branded for 2016 with the dual logo and #unitedthroughpride


Keyring: £3.50

Make your keys proud.



Fridge Magnets: £1.50

Put one of these next to that lovely cat magnet, and show your kitchen you're proud.


Bottle Openers: £1.50

Open your pop with pride, these are also magnetised and will stick to your fridge.


Handbag Mirror: £1.50

Be proud whilst you check your gorgeous self!


Coasters (Round/Square): £3.00 each or £5.00 for two

A fab addition to go with your Pride mug, whilst ensuring you still have a surface to be proud of.  


Cotton Bags: £4.00

Available in a range of colours.


T-Shirts: £12.50

Available in any rainbow colour you choose.

Sizes from Small to XXL for Adults.

There is also a Ladies fitted version and Kids sizes.

Rainbow flags (various sizes)

Sizes in stock at Magic Touch:

  • 4″ x 6″ LGBTQ handflag (with stick): £2.50 each
  • 3ft x 2ft LGBTQ flag (two eyelets): £4.00 each
  • 3ft x 5ft LGBTQ flag (two eyelets:) £5.25 each

Selection of other flags (3ft x 5ft): £5.25 each

  • Bisexual
  • Transgender
  • Pansexual
  • Genderqueer


Special Items: made to order

  • Embroidered Pride Bear Mascot: £24.95
  • Umbrellas: £12.95
  • CI Pride Logo Flags: £45.00


Rainbow Bunting: if you want to decorate your office or home this is the perfect accessory to do it

  • 3 meters: £5.25
  • 9 meters: 14.70
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