1. Pride is for everyone. It is not just for LGBTQ people. It is for our families, friends, allies, supporters, work colleagues – anyone, in fact, who believes in equality and diversity.


2. Pride is fun. It is a day in the year where you get the chance to celebrate being you! Laugh, dance, party and have a grand day out surrounded by people who are also there to have fun.


3. Pride is noisy. Everyone is encouraged to make some noise to show their support for equality. If you are anywhere along the parade route expect whistles, drums and lots of noise.


4. Pride is popular. Who doesn’t like a party? Expect a lot of people.  You should try to get to the start of the parade in plenty of time. At points, where the parade route narrows, you may be in close proximity to others.


5. Pride is family friendly. Old or young, all generations can show their support for equality. Be prepared to carry little ones in the parade (so, at least, they get a good view!).


6. Pride is colourful. The LGBTQ rainbow is a symbol of the diversity of our community. The more colourful your outfit, the more you’ll fit in. Expect flags that support all aspects of the rainbow.


7. Pride is for organisations. It really is about being proud of what you and your organisation are doing for equality. If your workplace has an equality initiative, come along and shout about it.


8. Pride is romantic. Lots of people come with their partners, and lots of people meet their future partners at Pride. Expect gratuitous displays of affection!


9. Pride is a beach. If the weather is warm, some may want to get their abs and pecs out. Expect some flesh on display.


10. Pride is outrageous. Dressing up is encouraged. The bigger and louder, the better. Expect to see super heroes, drag queens, club kids – you name it, anything goes!


11. Pride has a point. While we make strides towards equality for all in Britain, not everyone can live as openly. Pride shows the world the liberties we value as a society and reminds us not to take our freedoms for granted.


12. Pride is respectful. We all express ourselves differently. Expect to see diversity in all its rainbow-coloured glory. You may not choose to express yourself in the same way as the person walking next to you but respect their right to do so, as they respect your right to self-expression, too.